"monolithic prisms of earth and sky, wrapped by the surrounding environment that transform into expansive fields of color that blend and layer through echoes of reflection."

PHILLIP K SMITH III: reflection field

Artist Phillip K. Smith, III will launch “Reflection Field”, his largest light installation to date in Indio, CA on April 11, 2014.

Working in color, light, space, and form, Phillip K. Smith, III creates deceptively simple objects of contemplation, transformation, and interaction. His newest project “Reflection Field” continues to explore ideas of color theory, optics, perception, scale, and technology.

Phillip K Smith, III, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and resident of the Coachella Valley, rose to international acclaim last year with his project Lucid Stead that amalgamated a 70 year old homesteader shack with mirror, LED lighting, and custom electronics to create a 24 hour experience in the isolation of Joshua Tree, CA. Hundreds of people made the arduous trek to see the installation and, as word spread, Lucid Stead quickly became an international phenomenon receiving global recognition both online and in print media. Architect Magazine listed it as one of the Very Best Projects of 2013 and the Los Angeles Times named Smith as one of the Three Faces to Watch 2014 in Art alongside the Hammer Museum's senior curator, Ann Ellegood, and multiple Venice Biennale participant, artist Gabriel Kuri.

“Reflection Field” is a monumental installation that consists of five freestanding volumes of light and mirror scaled as large as 18 feet high and 17 feet wide. In this installation the series of objects are arranged to span a diameter of 100 feet. “Reflection Field” combines the concepts of Lucid Stead, with the paced, color merging of his “Lightworks” series and his recent exhibition at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA. By day, the monolithic mirrored volumes of “Reflection Field” are prisms of earth and sky, wrapped by the surrounding environment. By night, they become expansive fields of color that blend and layer through echoes of reflection. Spaces become simultaneously infinite and finite, while hues push and pull, saturating and dissolving the surroundings and periphery into pure color.

As a result of Lucid Stead, Goldenvoice found interest in Smith's work. When the artist described an idea that was "so big it seemed impossible", Paul Tollett of Goldenvoice, decided to do what was necessary to make it happen. "Reflection Field" will debut in the artist's home town at Coachella 2014 where it will be experienced by more than 200,000 people over the course of two weeks starting April 11, 2014.

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